A very comfortable and relaxed approach to a photo shoot with your little ones.  I will be using the natural backdrop of your home, which is unique to you and where babies feel most comfortable.

Sitter Sessions In my opinion, the very best time for you to have your baby's photoshoot is anywhere between the ages of 6-9months when they are sitting up unaided but not yet crawling.  This is such a fabulous age as they are so wonderfully responsive.
Newborn lifestyle shoots A very relaxed, natural light shoot at your home, where we will go at your babies pace and allow time for nappy changes and feeding. I will come and capture you and your baby in your natural surroundings, find some nice pockets of light and gently direct you with some everyday things to do. I will capture those precious moments & details that absolutely must be documented. Although it might not feel like it now, this precious stage passes so quickly. As Gretchen Rubin said... 

“The days are long, but the years are short.”