(aka Sitter Session)

In my opinion, the very best time for you to have your baby's photoshoot is anywhere between the ages of 6-9months when they are sitting up unaided but not yet crawling.  This is such a fabulous age as they are so wonderfully responsive and they can't move so we don't spend the whole hour chasing them around haphazardly!

You can either have your photo shoot at home so we can get some of those lovely squishy nappy shots, if the weather is good a couple in the garden and I can also bring a backdrop stand with paper roll for a slight studio feel.  Alternatively, we can go outside to the park and enjoy some beautiful backdrops. There is also the option for a half/half indoor + outdoor shoot where we can get a lovely variety of shots.

"A baby's smile is a magical thing

that can turn any frown upside down."